Dr. Leila Angooti Oshnari

Dr. Leila Angooti Oshnari |Clyto Access

Clinical guiding trainer, Rehabilitation Sciences University in Tehran-Iran


Expertise: CDT in lymph edema, Kinesio taping, Peripheral joints mobilization, Neuro feedback and Aquatic therapy

Biography: Dr. Leila Angooti Oshnari  presently working as a occupational therapist, lympho therapist also neuro therapist in physical medicine and rehabilitation unit and clinic of comprehensive cancer control center of Shohadaye Tajrish hospital. Furthermore she is a clinical guiding trainer in neurologic, orthopedic and cancer rehabilitation for apprenticeship of BSC & MSC students of  Shahid Beheshti and also social welfare & rehabilitation Sciences University in Tehran-Iran.


Title: The effect of Complete Decongestive Therapy on Edema volume reduction and pain in women with post breast surgery lymph edema.



Introduction: Upper extremity lymph edema is the most common side effect of breast cancer treatment that may produce significant physical and psychological morbidity. Pain is frequent symptoms of lymph edema that cause impairment of activities of daily living. The aim of this study was assessment of the effect of Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) on upper extremity lymph edema and pain in women with post breast surgery lymph edema.
Material and methods: In this quasi- experimental research with before- after design, 36 women with moderate lymph edema after breast surgery participated in the program. Edema volume was measured by water displacement method, pain value were evaluated by Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Data were recorded before intervention and 2 and 4 weeks after it. CDT included the first phase (intensive phase) and the second phase (maintenance phase). Each phase was longed 2 weeks. After use of Shapiro Wilk test for normality, analysis of variances with GEE and repeated measurement were used to analyze the data.
Results: After one month doing CDT program, significant decrease of edema was noticed (p<0.0001), also pain decrease during 2 and 4 weeks after intervention (p<0.0001).
Discussion: This study indicated that CDT program is effective in reducing lymph edema volume and pain in women with moderate post breast surgery lymph edema. It seems that increasing awareness of patients and training healthcare professionals regarding lymph edema preventive strategies, have important role in earlier and better combating with this complication.

Key words: Breast Cancer, Lymph Edema, Complex Decongestant Therapy, Pain.

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